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“There are certain people who come into our lives that bring with them an honest, caring energy and I knew right away that Angie was one of those special people.

I suffered for years with spiking headaches, someone suggested I try Reiki and not knowing exactly what Reiki was I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found Angie and with my first Reiki session came a surprisingly intense, but pleasant experience.

Reiki through Angie’s hands has not only stopped my headaches, but has brought a sense of peace, tranquility, balance and happiness into my life.

She not only brings a level of expertise in her Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu, but a real sense of caring for those fortunate enough to experience the benefits of the wonderful energy work she performs.

Thank you for having pursued your passion to help others Angie.”

​--Danny D’Amico

Brunswick, MD


Angie is a skilled Jin Shu Jyutsu practitioner. I have been healing from a chronic illness for several years and was fortunate to find Angie right here in Frederick.

She offers an inviting space to rest as well as facilitating a deeply restful and harmonizing experience as a healer.

Typically, within 5 minutes of being on her table, I would be in another world. I often experienced chronic pain (muscles, joints, bladder) in my health journey and I always left feeling lighter, more grounded and significantly reduced pain, even pain free many times, which is a miracle. My sleep would also deepen.

I saw her every 2-3 weeks but if you can, see her weekly! She is also such a caring kind person to be around. Love heals too!

--Yasmin Mughal

Frederick, MD


“I have had the opportunity to work with Angie Tuzson for several years. Having experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions with many different practitioners, I can recommend her sessions with great confidence. Her presence is both professional and deeply caring.

Angie's graceful touch is an invitation that allows opening to relaxed healing of frazzled energy coming back into balance. I have gratitude for her work, she is gifted.”

--Theresa Heller

Frederick, MD


“Angie has been my Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu provider for many years post major surgery.

She is sensitive and compassionate and knows her art well. Each session leaves me stress free, filled with a pure healing power and over all peace. I highly recommend her.”

​--Kitty Kroner

Littlestown, PA


“I came to find Angie through an interesting path.  I had a horse with some problematic behaviors and through trying to address that I started to realize that perhaps my energy was off-balance.  I knew I was highly stressed from other things in my life, could no longer continue in the emotional state I was in, and was tired of not feeling like my optimistic, happy self.  This had me exploring alternative healing processes, in which I found reiki and Angie. 

I was not sure what to expect, but it only took the first session to feel the power and healing that comes from Angie's hands.  After several sessions, I really started to feel like my old self.  I don't know how to explain it other than saying my energy felt rebalanced.  Difficult situations started to not swing my emotional state so far to the extreme. 

Through this journey my horse's behaviors also greatly improved and we are reconnecting in an amazing way! 

Angie is an extremely selfless and compassionate person.  She always spends the extra time listening to me and offering her insights.  She has a special gift!”

--Katie W.

Woodsboro, MD


“I have known Angie for 17 years, meeting her when we studied Jin Shin
Jyutsu (JSJ) together.  I have been having sessions from her since 2012.

A session begins with the client wearing comfortable clothes, taking off
the shoes, and lying on a massage table.   Angie listens to your pulses
and then decides what to do.  There is no manipulation.

Two things set Angie apart from other practitioners.   One is deciding
upon what flows to use based upon your pulses.  This is the Art of Jin
Shin Jyutsu.  The other is her energy.  I remember when
we were studying JSJ, other students commenting upon what a treat is
to receive flows from her.

I find her sessions both enjoyable and rewarding.”

--Justin Simpson

Baltimore, MD


"Angie helped me during my struggles with fertility issues. Her sessions often provide a sense of peace and calm afterwards, which was especially critical during my pregnancy.

She is wonderfully caring and compassionate and exudes a warm, calm energy that is very reassuring. She deeply cares about her clients and will not only help with spiritual healing and energy, but also with practical life advice." 

-- Joanne P.

West Virginia


“I began seeing Angie several years ago when I was suffering from some health issues. She helped me heal after an operation when I had a staph infection. 

 Angie also helped me reduce my stress levels which at the time raised my insulin and caused serious diabetic symptoms. I will be a lifelong client of Angie's!”

--Jimmy Sclafani

​Chevy Chase, MD


“Through Angie, I discovered the wonderful, healing powers of Jin Shin Jyutsu. When I was referred to her, I was in deep distress, not knowing where to turn. I was also completely unfamiliar with the unique art of touch therapy. It has transformed my life, putting me in touch with inner awareness and universal connection. 

Angie and I have since become friends. Although I now live at a distance, I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help regularly, and, on my yearly pilgrimages to Maryland, I make a point of stopping in for a session--my annual, interior tune-up. A step into serenity, it serves as a powerful defense against the stresses of modern life.”

--Jan Holly

Sanibel, Florida


Hi Angie,

I found your Reiki sessions to be the most pleasurable experience. I came to you seeking to heal from the emotional distress of life's vicissitudes and felt immediate relief in your hands. I actually had the sensation of lightness, as though the weight of things had evaporated. With continued sessions, I felt more balance and enjoyment in life.

I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for your caring attitude and your elevating art. I do without hesitation recommend your aid to anyone seeking Reiki treatment.

Best regards,

--Chris Gardiner

 Thurmont, MD


“I started seeing Angie after she treated my mother, who is a cancer patient.

 I have been dealing with very low energy levels and chronic back pain for years now. Every time I had a treatment, my energy levels elevated, and many times not only that my back pain improved, but it even went away.

 Angie is very knowledgeable, caring, has great people skills and I recommend her with all my heart.”

​--Joanna Russo 

Frederick, MD


“I’ve been an ongoing client of Angie’s for the last 10+ years. The work she does comes from a pure place inside her to help people.

Angie has proven to be a great listener, has a lot of patience, and is grounded. She has helped me clear various emotional blockages and to heal physical ailments. I highly recommend her.”

--Diana Covell

Olney, MD


“I found Angie at a very challenging time in my life. She was a great source of support for me. Her energy work along with her love, compassion and focus, helped me to heal both physically and emotionally.

 A session with Angie feels like a sacred space, I felt completely cared for and that was a big part of what I needed then.” 

​--Christine Filaseta 

Bethlehem, PA


“From my first session with Angie, I knew I had found a missing piece of the puzzle in my healing process and recovery from a challenging life transition.  Her skillful of Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle and effective medicine that restores physical and emotional balance, along with being deeply relaxing.

I experienced immediate relief from my symptoms of distress, and the improvement in my overall well-being continues with each subsequent visit.  Angie is a kind, caring, and most intuitive practitioner, and I am very appreciative to receive the gift of her healing.”


Frederick, MD


“Over the years I have benefited from Angie’s Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments.

 Two results in particular stand out for me. The first was that through JSJ, a chronic leg irritation requiring orthotics, vanished. The second, occurring some years later, was to speed the healing of a cracked rib and related bruising. My breathing returned to normal faster than I anticipated. Both of these improvements occurred in a time frame overlapping JSJ treatment by Angie.”

​--Carl R.

Clarksburg, MD


“Angie is an amazing person and friend. I have been getting weekly distant Reiki sessions from her for many years and always looks forward to each one.

​She has transformed me one session at a time.”

​--Ann Covell

Danville, KY


"I was introduced to Reiki many years ago, before it became the buzzword and all of a sudden it seemed like everyone was becoming  a Reiki practitioner. When I moved to the area in 2019, I had no idea that the covid epidemic would soon follow. I was looking forward to meeting new friends and exploring my childhood home and memories. That did not happen and while I thought I was doing well, being sequestered for 2 years made me realize that my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies were suffering.

My husband introduced me to Angie. He was a client of hers and I respected his opinion.  I pay close attention to how I feel when I meet someone new and the beautiful and calming energy of Angie was apparent immediately. I felt very much “at home.”

After receiving Reiki at my first visit, I knew I had experienced a shift. The anxiety I had been fighting, mostly because I was not accustomed to feeling anxious for seemingly no reason, had dissipated. My energy felt stable and grounded again, something I had greatly missed in myself. 

We are energy beings and are affected by a huge array of our life experiences, often overwhelming. It is vital to stay grounded so that we may make wise and mindful decisions affecting ourselves and our lives. Reiki aids in healing, as well as helping us to stay in the moment, and also assists people in becoming energetically balanced... physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Angie is extremely empathetic, meaning she connects with you on whatever level of well-being you come to the table with. She instinctively shifts that energy so that you are operating at your highest level when you leave. It is the best feeling in the world to be in alignment with your highest self. I could not recommend her more highly."

--Theresa Pryor

Thurmont, MD


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